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The only time we open our micro-farm for visitors is during our workshops.  We love this opportunity to share our knowledge and our farm with other excited growers in our community. 



“My garden was a huge success! It was my first time growing a flower garden and it was the highlight of my summer. I was shocked at how long the flowers kept growing! The colors you chose were really beautiful. "


"Your flower farm is lovely. Your class was fun, informative, and professional. I loved all the special details - it made the day so enjoyable and beautiful!"


“Your tubers that I planted are doing the best out of all of them I planted and I planted from at least a half dozen different places!”

This workshop covers an overview of how to grow healthy cut-flowers, as well as best practices for harvesting, conditioning and designing your garden to ensure it includes all the important elements of a bouquet!

Spring Dahlia Workshop

In this workshop focused on growing dahlias, we cover all the details for be successful growing these fussy blooms in our desert climate. Dahlias wont be blooming this time of year, but we do hands on demos for taking cuttings, and planting tubers. 

IMG_8256 (1).jpg

Fall Dahlia Workshop

During our fall dahlia workshop, the dahlias should be in full bloom, and participants get practice at harvesting blooms, and take home a bouquet to enjoy. All the same details from our spring workshop are also covered in our fall workshop, but the hands on activities differ.

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