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Get exclusive access and a VIP tour of our farm at one of our workshops.  We share all the knowledge we've worked so hard to learn over the years to help you create the flower designs of your dreams.  We invite you to explore with us and bring home some magic.

Our next Floral Design Workshop is on September 21st at 9:30 a.m.  





“My garden was a huge success! It was my first time growing a flower garden and it was the highlight of my summer. I was shocked at how long the flowers kept growing! The colors you chose were really beautiful. "


"Your flower farm is lovely. Your class was fun, informative, and professional. I loved all the special details - it made the day so enjoyable and beautiful!"


“Your tubers that I planted are doing the best out of all of them I planted and I planted from at least a half dozen different places!”

In just a few hours I'll give you all the tools (including the plants!) you'll need to create magic in your own home garden this year.  This includes a large tray of 30 plants, tips, tricks, and a printed and downloadable copy of our presentation, as well as access to me throughout your growing season. We can't wait to see all the beauty you create!

Spring Dahlia Workshop

Dahlias are magical.  Each tuber holds so much potential! At our dahlia workshop, we teach you how to unlock that potential and create flower arrangments beyond your imagination. You'll go home with Utah-grown tubers, primed and ready to produce an abundance of blooms for you to arrange and share throughout the season. 

IMG_8256 (1).jpg

Fall Dahlia Workshop

You'll get to experience the beauty and bounty of the dahlia field in the fall.  You'll get hands-on practice at harvesting blooms, and you'll get to take home a bucket of blooms to play with!  We cover all the details from tuber to bloom.  

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